It has been more than 10 years since Yeni Yol Schools were founded.

After having spent many years in educational field, it has also become the pride for our co-founders, Physics Teacher Yigit SENTURK and Turkish Literature Teacher Mehmet OTAN to crown our institution by establishing a campus to carry our city into future.

The most significant difference distinguishing our founders from the founders of other campus schools is their career in education for more than 25 years and being still active teachers at our school. While taking our students’ soundings at the first hand, they are also trying to learn and meet their expectations in a solution oritented way without a moment’s delay.

Being both a founder and a parent or a teacher at the same time, looking at education from these three perspectives with different statuses provides us an upper advantage in operating the school.

Our founders carrying on their path with this advantage started to build Yeni Yol Schools with the motto of ‘ Inspirational Campus’ and aimed to prevent it from becoming ordinary and carry one step further rather than being considered as the one only lecturing students. To achieve this alongside academic competence, they have already led to pave the ‘ROAD TO SUCCESS’ through building workshops preparing our children to life, improving systems allowing our students for foreign education opportunities and enabling them to become global citizens by offering cultural and sports activities.

Mehmet Otan
Founder (Turkish Language and Literature Teacher)
Yiğit Şentürk
Founder (Physics Teacher)
Education is the only thing which makes a nation live free, undependent and glorious, or leave them into captivity and poverty.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk