We have student club activities that help students to develop their social, cultural, artistic and personal development in the areas they are interested in and to gain experience and skills in this direction. 

All of our clubs, which are formed with the participation of our students, work in cooperation with expert teachers and trainers in the field.

Our students are required to choose at least one of our clubs that will continue throughout the training year.It is our highest priority to educate our students and sensible individuals with our clubs, which organize activities that enable our students to express themselves and improve their aesthetic understanding and assimilate national and universal cultural values.The primary aim of the clubs in our school is to make infrastructure preparations for the professions that our students intentionally choose our own culture and history. Thanks to these clubs, our students will carry our cultural accumulations with teamwork.

Mun Club
Erasmus Club
Philosophy Club
Creative Drama & Theater
Folklore & Ballet & Modern Dance
Media and Activism
Nature Club
Street Animal Protection
Economy and Business
Kemalist Youth
Travel Club
School teaches respecting the humanity, loving of country and nation, honor and independency for young branins.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk