Dersdeo is a distance education support system. Lesson videos prepared by education staffs most of whom our teachers are planned according to students’ concentration span. Lesson videos of which length is from 5 minutes to 12 minutes have been classified in a way not to be used in Turkey. Specific videos have been prepared for each topic in the syllabus. As a result of this, students who want to review only a few topics have been provided to find immediately what they have been looking for.

Digital Study

It is a useful tool for students to reach their teachers anytime. Digital Study is introduced to the users in three different panels. Teachers, students and managers log into the system from different panels. The students send the question, which they do not know the answer or how to solve, as a photo or in words via smart phone to the application. The questions are collected in a pool and seen by the teachers who are responsible for that subject. The teachers select the questions they would like to answer from the pool by reserving them. Whether they solve on the photo or on a different page, the teachers send them back again to the system by photo or text format. The asked and answered question can only be seen by the teachers and the student whoever responsible are.

Parent Informative Platform

You can download the application of Parent Informative Platform for IOS as “Yeni Yol Okullari” or for android as “YYL”. Or you can enter the system from our website via parent log-in button.

What is this application for?

It enables the trio of student, teacher and parents to communicate with each other.

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